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ADVENTURE They Swim Across The Pacific …

5500 miles, 8 hours/day, 180 days – from Tokyo to San Francisco! CAN YOU IMAGINE? NO, NOBODY CAN – a group of He-Men, not one a professional or Olympic swimmer, accompanied by a vessel, crossing the mightiest ocean, in the water, by muscle power alone! The boss of the team, Ben Lecomte, is (unbelievable!) a … Continue reading »

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HOTELS Look At The Stupid Emperor …!

Wilhelm II, Germany’s last Kaiser, is celebrated in a *****Hotel   I KNOW, I KNOW, if you inherit a first class hotel and find such a wall deco- ration in the lobby-lounge, you hesitate to destroy it. This one, made of blue tiles (looking like Delft porcelain), might be there an the wall of the … Continue reading »

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SECRETS This One Nobody Has Ever Seen!

The strange story of the elusive Flightless Scaly-Tailed Squirrel YES, MAN HAS CON- QUE- RED EARTH, there are no white spots left, maybe some undiscovered caves exist and the bottom of the Seven Seas isn’t’ explored totally either. But a mammal which no living person has ever even seen alive? An animal which was never … Continue reading »

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HOTELS What Will Become Of The „Raleigh“?

Oh, I loved it, this Art Deco treasure in South Beach / Miami …Generally it is okay when a man of taste buys something to do something with it. But must it be a place, I cherished for years? You probably too. Remember the „Raleigh“ on South Beach, the Art Deco center of Miami? One … Continue reading »

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MODERN WONDERS A „Titanic“ fiddle – wow!

… and a collector paid US$ 1,5 mio. for the unplayable instrument …It really shouldn’t have happened because it couldn’t have happened! When the „Titanic“ sank in 1912, he orchestra played „Nearer my God to thee …“, then the musicians sprang overboard, including the bandleader and violinist Wallace H. Hartley, who had strapped his fiddle … Continue reading »

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CAPE VERDE Interesting People … (No. 8)

On top of the Vulcano Fogo with a French winemakerOn the island of Fogo (Cape Verde Islands) lies an active volcano by the name of Fogo looking like the Fujiyama in Japan. Every afternoon an 4 p. m. it whistles, ruttles and steam escapes its flank and in 1995 there was a big eruption throwing … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS The Book To Look … (No. 7)

Meet the brothers Stoltenhoff and their incredible adventure   Eric Rosenthal, a South African, wrote it – and it’s breathtaking. Title: „Shelter from the Spray“. It’s the story of the German brothers Friedrich and Gustav Stoltenhoff, who tried in 1872 to settle on Inaccessible Island near Tristan de Cunha in the Southern Atlantic. They wanted … Continue reading »

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