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DRINKS The News To Use … (No. 27)

Well, unknown is not quite correct – the drink was forgotten for over a century. One of my ancestors wrote the recipe down but I don’t know where he got it from. Somewhere in Africa or Asia. It sounds like a colonial drink, and to mix this cocktail, affords a bit of luxury: it’s not … Weiterlesen »

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MYSTERY A Conversation Piece … (No. 17)

Look at the photo and the drawing: There is no doubt that on various Maya temples an elephant is depicted. An Indian elephant with smaller ears. Not biologically exact but no wonder – nobode living in Mexico had ever seen such a creature! But how could they hew one in stone? They must have seen pictures of … Weiterlesen »

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ANIMALS Collectors Corner … (No. 23)

I didnt know the Golden Arowana or Scleropages formosus, the „Asiatische Gabelbart“ in German. I thought, Koi was the fish to collect, the swimming status symbol of the truely rich. No, the Arowana is. The first time I heard about this species was in the description of gangster villas in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. … Weiterlesen »

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