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What A Wonderful Tattoo Book …

AN UNBE- LIEVA- BLE VO- LUME! A modern bench- mark book! Never done before in this com- plexity and irretrievable for another writer. The title: „Die magischen Tattoos of Myanmar“ – The magical tattoos of Myanmar (= Burma). The author: Prof. Dr. Jürgen C. Aschoff, a German neuropsychiatrist, tibetologist, photographer, author, publisher and antiquarian. It … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVELS A Nice Discovery In Alsace

MY ADVENTUROUS FRIEND JÜRGEN* FOUND IT (well, he finds a lot all over the globe, from Slovakia to Sichuan, Galicia to Gilgit), and as always I don’t hesitate to use his informations, they are always to the point for the modern traveller (but possibly not for the tourist). This time: The „Schleusen-Häuschen“ La dantelle in … Weiterlesen »

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