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Ever Heard Of Dimitri Berea?

I FOUND THE OFFER ON EBAY – and couldn’t believe my eyes: US$ 22 000 for a not so good painting by an obscure artist, plus US$ 195 for the shipping! A Romanian called Dimitri Berea did it, named it „Palma de Mallorca“ and while he lived (from 1908 to 1975) could only dream of … Weiterlesen »

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DISCOVERY The Great U-Tube-Art In New York!

WELL, YES, WE MARVEL ABOUT THE METRO IN MOSCOW. This vast system, filled with kitshy decorations and Stalinist examples of „Peoples Art“, executed by poor prisoners of war and terror. But for decades we forgot, that the „Tube“ in New York was filled with the most amazing manifestations of artists talent – voluntarily! Either by … Weiterlesen »

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ART Lost & Found … (No. 64)

Puhonny was born 1876 in Germany, he went to Paris very early, saw what Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec achieved by lending his genius to popular products and made him the hero of his live. Ivo Puhonny worked for a score of industrial firms, illustrated advertisements for cigarettes, liquor, frying fat and automobiles. But he was dangerously … Weiterlesen »

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