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POLITICS Let’s Hate The „Caucasus Emirate“

THERE IS SOMETHING SO MEAN AROUND THE CORNER – and the world isn’t aware of it! The CAUCASIAN EMIRATE!!!! A ghost state, existing only in the heads and on the maps of the most brutal terrorists of our time. With flag and constitution, recognized (so they claim) by Saudi-Arabia and the Iran already, occupying – … Weiterlesen »

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WONDERS Interesting People … (No. 54)

Hello, my ever doub-ting friends, let me intro-duce a man so unique you have to look more than twice: Called Edward Kazarian (but born Ter-Kazarian Edward Avakov) 1923 in Yerevan (Armenia), he graduated from the State Conservatory as a viola player, substututed at the age of 16 the concertmaster of the symphony orchestra of the … Weiterlesen »

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In Praise of … San Lazzaro (No. 10)

You can see the island from the San Marco Piazza in Venice between the eastern tip of La Giudecca and the Isola di San Giorgio in the direction of the Lido. A tiny spot in the lagoon, called San Lazzaro degli Armeni, just off the Lido – but what a treasure for mankind! Go there … Weiterlesen »

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