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ARCHTECTURE Mudejar Is Weird …

ISN’T IT STRANGE? When „Orientalism“ became the fashion of the European „Salons“, in the second half of the 19th century, rich people copied (or imported) what gave them a feeling of Harun & Harem, of Oasis & Odalisks, of Beduins & Baclava. Even empe- rors & kings went on expeditions to Baalbek, Ninive and Louxor, … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATURE The Book(s) To Look … (No. 32)

Sir Wil- fred, my cher- ished idol, was a mys- teri- ous person. A recluse who loved the desert and the nomads who never molested the public with his homosexuality (he was too well educated in the best British schools, universities and services) – and is. I think, the only men able to help us … Weiterlesen »

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