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ANIMALS Lost & Found …

What’s barking in Madagascar? The smallest dog in the worldI had never seen a dog like that: It was barking from a rich lady’s handbag in Antananarivo, the capital of the island of Madagascar, and when I ask her what this was, she said: „Coton de Tulear“. It sounded like „Cochon“ and  „Fuck off!“ to … Continue reading »

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ROYALS If You Ever Come To Madagascar (No. 34)

… look at the „safety bed“ of the Royal palace in AntananarivoThe palace is called Besakana (I show it here) and there is a room to see with a bed on 7 feet high stilts. When the kings and queens of Madagascar (have a look at Ranavolona III., a queen in exile who lived from … Continue reading »

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