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CHURCHES A Story Of Glory … (No. 50)

You have probably been there but nobody told you. I do here. When you enter the papal basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, you are struck by the sight of the ceiling: very high, very ugly and so richly gilded that you can’t imagine they used real gold. But they did! And the gold came a … Weiterlesen »

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INTERNET The News To Use … (No. 22)

I first read about it in the publication of and for the Toughs – the „Explorers Club Magazine“. They need this information urgently (that’s why one of the members installed it). But I think some of you are adventureous enough to store the information. Arthur w. Ruff put it together and called it „A computerized Identification … Weiterlesen »

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ACCESSOIRES Lost & Found … (No. 65)

I leafed through an old volume of the German magazine „Kolonien und Heimat“ (Colonies and Homeland), year 1910. And there it was. An advertisement for „The Vera Schuhe“, called „The well known and favourite shoes from Rice & Hutchins in Boston in America.“ For ladies and gentlemen, 16 to 18 Mark per pair (that was … Weiterlesen »

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