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CHINA Uff, You Might Not Need A Visa!

THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR TRAVELLERS who touch Beijing in transit. Which means: If you only stay 3 days in the Chinese capital and – very important – continue into a third country (not the one, you came from), you don’t need a visa! Or as the Chines call it: You have a „72-hour transit … Weiterlesen »

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SERVICE In Praise of … (No. 50)

You don’t like your baggage and you dream of a butler who carries it for you? Because it is too heavy and it consumes too much time to pick it up yourself. The solution’s name is www.maketraveleasier.com! It’s an organization which offers a baggage service on 250 airports. They wait at the coveyor belt for … Weiterlesen »

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COLLECTING Collectors Corner … (No. 18)

These are the paper bags in the net in front of you, if you sit in an airplane. The ones you puke into if you can’t stand the loopings of the pilot or the food of Indian Airlines. Or the wrench. Most airlines have nicely decorated ones, with their logo, a description of use and … Weiterlesen »

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