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Tagged With: Afghanistan

HISTORY A Story Of Glory … (No. 2)

Wars might be declared over the answer. Ask Wikipedia – and get confused! It says Damascus, but here the question splits in two: The oldest, permanently settled place or something the archeologists found and dug up? Vast difference! Tihuanaco in Mexico was there before the magma stemmed the Andes up to 6000 m or 18 … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 32)

This guy is good! I have read three of his books: Siberia, Chiba – and this one: „Shadow of the Silk Road“, published 2006. Author Colin Thubron (*1939) is an Englishman and travels on foot, by bus, taxi, train or or whatever moves in his direction. He sleeps where he stops when the night falls, … Weiterlesen »

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