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STARS Uff, Now the Hoodia Plant Is „In“!

Posted by on 23. Juli 2015


They come in many colors ...


… and this is the original Hoodia

BRITNEY SPEARS, HAILEY BALDWIN, PARIS HILTON LOVE THIS LOLLY – and they are not alone in Hollywood. What lolly? The „Hoodia“ (Hoodia gordoni). That’s a peculiar plant, a leafless, spiny succulent, which until recently nobody knew but the Bushmen in the Kalahari of Namibia – and therefore also called „The Bushman’s Hat“. Then a gigantic PR machinery started to roll, claiming that the Hoodia is an appetite suppressant for weight loss. A statement which was immediately attacked by the pharmaceutical industry. But too late: Clever businessmen had the Hoodia harvested in big style – and made, for instance, nice looking, nice tasting lolls out of it, lured the stars into licking and believing the would lose pound after pound and they got a huge market all over the world. Well, a lolly is a lolly, if you get slim by licking it or not, is for the Kojaks of this world not so important. And I find it amusing that a cactus, growing in the desert of southern Africa ends up on the tongue of a movie godess …

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