SPICES I Break The Boycott for Iranian Saffron!

Posted by on 10. September 2017

So verkaufen die Perser ihren Safran

OH, IT’S SO INCREDIBLE EXPENSIVE! Well, they harvest cheaper Saffron nowadays in Spain, there is even an international „Fake Trade“, but by far the best still comes from the Iranian province of Khorasan. Saffron from there will cost you ca. 5000 Euro or US$ 5500 per kilo (= 1000 grams). They produce 3 different kinds, called „Pushal“, „Sargol“ and „Negin“, but I can’t tell the difference. I only know that the price for 1 gram varies from ca. 4.50 to 7 Euro (add 10 % for US$). That’s 10 times the price of silver (and 1/7 compared with gold). It comes in air-tight small plastic bags (like tea bags) or very flat plastic boxes looking like transparent discs, the size of beermats, or in rectangular boxes, looking like sealed matchbooks. They sell it in portions of 1, 2, 3 or 5 grams, but if you can afford it, they will be happy to offer you kilo-packages. The international boycott still looms over the Iran, but (as you might know from your continued secret purchases of Persian caviar) there are always channels from Tehran, held open by mouth-to-mouth propaganda, to supply you with whatever you want from there. Next time just ask for Caviar and Saffron! Like my friend Mansour, who always stuffs his suitcase with saffron bits, was so far never stopped at any border and sells me (and dozens of other clients) the precious spice for the affordable local price in Iran. The disc I show here, is typical „Pushal“, the information is printed in Farsi only and it contains 1 gram.

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