SOCCER A Conversation Piece (No. 50)

Posted by on 26. Juli 2013
Baum im Fußballfeld

That's how it looks when two teams play ...

They must be crazy in this Barrio of Sao Paulo – or fanatic naturalists! Even more fanatic than being futbolistas. That’s hardly possible in Brazil – but in Sao Paulo it happens: There is quite a big green tree growing in one half of a soccer field, throwing a nice shadow, but being a heavy obstacle for the attacking team. It might help the defenders, and the team which is playing on the tree side, calls it „Our 12th man“. That’s funny and I admire them for circumna-vigating this rainforest survivor in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world with their football. Well, they don’t play league matches on this field, it’s just for fun. But when you see Brazilian play, they always take soccer serious. I wish the tree a happy and long life!

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