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SIGHTSEEING Ugly Vienna Is so Interesting!

Posted by on 9. März 2016


Look for these words: Vienna and Ugly ...

OH, VIENNA IS SO BEAUTIFUL – and „The Third Man“ and his shady „after Second World War“ film set is almost forgotten by now! No, not true. Behind all that well known and beloved splendor of Vienna, and the ghosts of the once almighty Imperial power, lies an „Ugly Vienna“ which is sometimes even more interesting or revealing. Baroque architecture, all the Waltzes of the Maestri Strauss, the Hoch- & Deutschmeister Marches as well as the Lipizzaner Horses School,  Empress Sisi lures, the Blue Danube, the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau jewels and the Art Deco wonders are fine, but there is more, the sinister side, the forgotten quarters, the evil corners, the quarters who got out of control – in general the places, they didn’t want to show you so far, no guidebook mentions them, and an Englishman, Eugene Quinn, will take you there, unfortunately only once a month, on an extended tour „beyond mere aesthetics“, as he says. And you will be surprised, how ugliness suddenly makes sense. Contact: – and look for „Vienna Ugly Tours“.

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