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SHIPS If You Ever Come To … (No. 76)

Posted by on 12. Oktober 2013
Mary Rose

Just look at this ultra-modern museum ...

Mary Rose

... for this 500 years old warship

The English are the best seafaring nation indeed. Their relationship with ships is almost a sentimental one. Nowhere, not even in the USA, are more historical vessels salvaged, restaured and put on display. But the „Mary Rose“ broke all records, to show her to the public was the most expensive project in maritime history – it cost 35 Mio. Euro or 50 Mio. US$! The „Mary Rose“ was the flagship of King Henry VIII., was launched in 1511 and sank in 1545 in the straits north of the Isle of Wight in the English channel. She had 800 tons, on board were 200 men and 91 guns. 426 years years after her disappearance she was discovered, in 1971, 11 Years later, in 1982, they salvaged her – und in 2013 they opened the „Mary Rose Museum“ in Portsmouth. With praise and harsh critic, just look an the buílding: Traditionalists dislike it, too modern, not in the context of British maritime history. Others hail it as an outstanding example of modern museum architecture. I agree with the latter. Whatever – the „Mary Rose“ was correctly called „a time capsule of the Tudor times“ and who comes near this southern English port, ought to pay her a visit.

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