SALE I Had A Problem – Cameras!

Posted by on 17. Juli 2015


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I’M NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER, not even with my iPhone. I prefer to draw. So what could I do when an uncle left me a box with six mirror cameras which had cost thousands of Euros, huge and very valuable objectives and a vast amount of other equipment? I tried to sell it. Had a look first into eBay and wasn’t able to find prices which would have satisfied me. Went to the largest dealer in my hometown – and left him after a couple of minutes: His offers were so low, I could’t believe it. Then I did the best thing: I contacted all the photographer I know (and I know a lot) and asked them for the most lucrative way to sell photographic stuff. They all, without exception, gave me an Email address: A company in Inverness (in Northern Scotland, of all places). Allegedly the most successful auction house for cameras, objectives and connected items. I contacted them, they answered within 10 minutes (!), I sent them pictures of the item, they came back to me with a minimum-maximum-calculation plus a minimum-guaranntee – much much better money than all the previous offers (in one or two cases ten-fold) – and I shipped all the things I had to Inverness. Now they are in the auction and I’m exited about the results.  Remember:

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