ROADS A Conversation Piece (No. 35)

Posted by on 12. November 2012
Straße in Zypern

A stretch of the Troodos-Nicosia road – straight as the crow flies ...

How can one do that? Easily. In the States it happens quite often that a road is so straight for hundreds of miles, that you could fix the steering wheel with a rope. It happens in Namibia and Australia too, but hardly anywhere in Europe. Except on the island of Cyprus. The road from Troodos to the capital Nicosia is laid into the hilly landscape „straight as the crow flies“, or an arrow. Not a single bent, not the shade of a curve. For miles and miles you drive and the tarmac to the horizon never changes. You see cars over distances you grossly underestimate, going and coming. There is a secret behind this road: It was a train track once! When they gave up the railway, they removed the rails, flattened the track and made in a road. Probably the longest straight road in Europe. It‘ very nice to use it. Also for the things I’m going to tell you in another story about Cyprus … (look for DELICACIES).

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