RESTAURANTS The Nice Advice … (No. 65)

Posted by on 11. August 2012

The entrance to „The Cannibal“

This thing (113 E. 29th Street) is three things: 1. An arti-sanal butcher shop with real meat. 2. A beer store, stocked with hund-reds of (obscure) brands. 3. A bar-room which serves as restaurant – standing up, on the bar stools or in the small garden. It’s open daily for lunch and dinner (14 – 40 $), the counter is stocked with jars of cookies and wooden bowls of (uncracked) nuts and the walls are lined with dry and canned goods up to the ceiling. And what about the name „The Cannibal“? Not what you think! The owner (who also runs the Belgian restaurant „Resto“ next door) is a cycling fanatic and adores the Belgian legend Eddie Merckx, whose nickname was „The Cannibal“ …

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