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The restaurant's logo ...


… and a prisoner in the kitchen

THE SOUS-CHEF GOT MORE THAN 100 CONVICTIONS!* But he is an excellent cook. That’s what they found out in the prison in Cardiff (Wales) when an rehabilitation expert came up with the idea, to open a restaurant behind bars! Now up to 155 convicts are training at a time in the kitchen and the service. A smashing success: „The Clink“ (what an appropriate name!) is the best eating place in Cardiff, they say, and won a lot of laurels. And it’s absolutely safe! And chic! Well, to enter it, is rather exiting than easy, but the food is excellent, the menu large, the prices reasonable and the service outstanding (don’t hesitate to voice disagreement, the tattooed gorilla who waits your table, won’t get dangerous). „The Clink“ is such a success that other prisons in Great Britain play with the idea to transform their canteens into restaurants as well. The Adress: Her Majesty’s Prison, Knox Road. Phone: 0044 29 209 23 130. Price of a Main Course: The most expensive, a cannon of lamb, will cost you 14.95 Pounds (= ca. US$ 20 or 18 Euros).

* That’s the guy in the picture: 40 years old Delroy Ashun.

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