RESTAURANTS Eating Out – Since 803!

Posted by on 3. Dezember 2016


Celebrating food in the vaults of the old monastery ...

WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 803? There were no cathedrals, Charles the Great ruled Central Europe and the Byzantine Empire the Mediterranian, the Maya blossomed in Central America and the earth was still a disc (the people believed). In in this year – unbelievable –  a gastronomical jewel was opened and is still going strong: The Stiftskeller in St. Peter’s in Salzburg (Austria), Europe’s oldest restaurant. In Europe’s oldest monastery! The ambiente alone would be worth a paid entrance ticket, the surroundings in the heart of the festival town another one. To eat here is to celebrate nourishment in a very stylish way, within walls who are older than St. Peter’s in Rome and the British monarchy. The food doesn’t matter really, it’s good, but even in the cook’s bad day, a dinner in the Stiftskeller is an optical entertainment and a strong memory. Because there might be an even older restaurant somewhere in Japan, but not in an older building in original shape. Website: Telefon: 0043 662 84 12 68.

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