RESTAURANT Interesting People … (No. 55)

Posted by on 18. Juli 2012

The cafe of the French soccer star ...


... Franck Ribery in Boulogne-sur-Mer

This is a message for all soccer (football) fans: One of the best of our times, the French International and star of the German team FC Bayern Munich, Franck Ribery, is co-owner (with his wife Wahiba) of a so called Cafe with the name „OhShaHiz“ in his hometown Boulogne-sur-Mer. I say „so called“ because it’s a bar, a lounge and a restaurant, but Ribery said: „I wanted to create something not like the other cafes.“ Therefore you can’t order alcohol (his wife is a moslem from Algeria and he converted to islam) but a „Hookah“ (the traditional waterpipe of the Arabs). The strange name is a puzzle, derived from their daughters names Shahinez and Hizya. Oh, I almost forgot: All the games played by the owner can be seen live on the big screen …

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