RELIGION Interesting People … (No. 62)

Posted by on 25. November 2013
Afghanistan Jew

Zebulon Simitov, reading the Holy Scripts in Kabul's synagogue

Generally fine! But lonesome. His wife and daughter live in Israel, but he remained behind and lives in Kabul’s synagogue. His name, very biblical: Zebulon Simintov. He runs a popular kebab-shop and says: „When I’m working, I don’t wear my Kippa, if I do, the people might think bad about me.“ Or recognize him fast and get dangerous ideas. As far as Mr. Simitov knows, he is the last jew in Afghanistan, all the other have left the country when the Taliban ruled it. That’s a shame because jews have a long and accepted history here. Even with synagogues. I never met him personally, but he gave an interview recently, describing his life on the edge of tolerance. A very brave man …

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