POLITICS The USA Are Crazier Than You Think

Posted by on 6. November 2015


… and the Burma bowl


The very rare North Korean money ...


… the Persian bowl ...

WHAT I TELL YOU NOW, you will probably not believe. But trust me: I didn’t believe it myself, when it occurred to me. When? In the summer and autumn of 2015. So start listening: First I wanted to sell an almost 200 year old copper bowl from Persia, produced around 1750, part of the famous Asiatica Collection of my parents. I was blocked and told, that the Americans insist on the „Embargo against the Iran“ and therefore I can’t sell the bowl. Folks, what has an antiquity from the reign of the Sadavides dynasty to do with the Mullah regime? Next chapter: Trying to sell on eBay two very rare and impossible to get banknotes from North Korea (the currency, foreigners are not allowed to have by law, is called „Won“), I was informed that the US Treasury does not agree with my transaction and considers it illegal!!! So, next business killed by the hysterical Americans. Yesterday I tried so sell an exceptionally beautiful, antique and rare bowl, made of white  jade, which my parents acquired in the early 1960s in Northern Burma. The bowl is at least 150 years old, which means, it was produced, when Burma or Birma belonged to the British Empire. What happened? I was told, that I can’t sell the bowl as long as the Government in Washington keeps the embargo intact against the Military Rulers in Myanmar (the modern name of Burma). Hell, haven’t they heard of the thaw in this country? Of the peaceful revolution and the many compromises the rulers had to agree to? What I find amazing is, how the USA dominate not only the international communication channels but also international free trade platforms like eBay. And I’m sure, the clever people at eBay do not agree with the hysterical Americans but are helpless …

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