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PLANTS Yes, You Can Kiss A Flower!

Posted by on 23. September 2015

Amazing flower, ist'n it?

JUST LOOK! Aren’t these the hottest lips outside of Hollywood? Or even better? They belong to a small tree, and between them a white flower will sprout. Which means: The lips aren’t a flower, they are just red leaves which form a sexy mouth– but what a just! This shiny herbal miracle grows in the rain forests of Central and South America (Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador) and the natives call it, how clever, the „Hot Lips Plant“ or „Hooker’s Plant“. For the experts it’s Psychotria elata. Nature did not create the red lips to lure human beings into the bush but pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies and other insects for whom this plant is a irresistible as the lips of Marilyn Monroe for Tony Curtis in the film „Some Like It Hot“. Oh, by the way: This plant has also green lips, possibly invented for the visit of Aliens …

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