PEOPLE Lost & Found (No. 71)

Posted by on 16. Juni 2014

That's how the Aztecs look today ...


... that's where they live today ...


... and the famous Aztec calender

They killed a lot of them, indeed! It was a horrendous genocide in the 15th century. But some Aztecs survived, went into hiding all over the country and are still a strong group, speaking their original language, celebrating their rich heritage and tending to their culture. Anthropologists estimate that there are still about 1,7 million Aztecs in Mexico (look at the green dots on my map, that’s where they live), but under the name of Nahuatl. So what the world believed for half a millenium (and was made to believe), that the Aztecs are extinct, is not true! They are not powerful anymore and their religion has softened, there are no human sacrifices anymore, and the pyramides and sun temples don’t belong to them anymore. They lead a quiet life, visible mainly when they celebrate their carnival-like and colorful fiestas.

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