PALACES The Nice Advice … (No. 70)

Posted by on 16. Oktober 2012
The Emperor's palace

The palace – a green spot in the middle of Tokyo ...

The Emperor's Palace

... and the palace of the Emperor

The fact is that it’s holy ground. 110 hectars in the middle of Tokyo. The spiritual centre of the whole nation for thousands of years. A nature’s paradise with lakes and hills, forests and lawns. Surrounded by mighty walls and much tighter guarded than the Vatican or the Kremlin. No plane is allowed to molest the air on top of it, there is no tunnel, no rails, no roads. Here Japan’s emperor and his family live. In a bungalow called „Fukiage-Gosho“. Only two times every year the public may enter: On the morning of the emperor’s birthday (in the moment he is Akihito), December 23, and for the Festival of the New Year (January 2, 9.30-15.10 h) will the gate behind the Shakkyo Bridge be opened, you drift to the Garden of the East and there the Imperial Family will wave from the Chowaden Balcony, the visitors shout „Banzai!“ (which means „Ten thousand years“), everybody bows, even the „Tenno“ (the emperor) and then you have the permission to enjoy the Imperial ambiente of the park. Well, a lot of people are with you. There is quite a crowd. But the experience is unique, one should have done it once in a lifetime.


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