PAINTERS If you Ever Come To … (No. 74)

Posted by on 17. März 2013
Della Francesca

This is the pregnant „Madonna del Parto“ ...

Della Francesca

... and this the „Resurrection of Christ“ in Sansepolcro

His name is Piero della Frencesca and he lived from 1420 until 1492. He was born in Borgo San Sepolcro which is today Sansepolcro, a mountain-town a bit north-east of Arezzo and south-east of Florence. Della Francesca was a great painter but not many of his works have survived, I think 20 maximum, including frescoes. That’s why I advise you to look at the Montefeltre Couple in the Uffici and then go south. Stop at the even smaller town of Monterchi to see the highly unusual and immensely pregnant „Madonna del Parto“ and then go on to Sansepolcro to enjoy the „Resurrection of Christ“. I could give you all the superlatives I’am able to formulate, but it’s enough to quote Aldous Huxley who didn’t hesitate to call the „Resurrection“ the „best picture in the world“. You know, it is always much more authentic to see a work of art in its original surroundings; in a town, where the master had lived and touched the same cobblestones with his feet you use now to reach his painting. So – buy a postcard of the pregnant Madonna and the Resurrection, sit down in the Piazza Torre di Berta for an espresso and contemplate the art of Piero della Francesa …

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