OH, WHAT A SHAME! The Horror at Mt. Everest

Posted by on 30. Juli 2015


Camp 2 in daytime ...


… and at night!

WHEN TWO GREATS MEET Mt. Everest, the highest mountain with 8848 m, and the Italian Reinhold Messner, the first to summit all 14 Himalaya peaks with more than 8000 m. Jim Clash of the „Explorers Club Magazine“ met the living legend and asked him: „What is your take on the commercialization of climbing on Everest?“ And Messner gave this amazing, even shocking answer, which I wanted to present to you on a broader scale. He said: „Five hundred Sherpas ready the ropes, bridges over crevasses, and ladders at steep points. Camp 2 is more than a kilometer long, with cooks, kitchen boys, and helpers. When you reach it, they take your rucksack off, take off your boots and put you into a sleeping bag. Then the guides come and tell you it’s time to get up and give you nice soup. Like in kindergarten, they go on Everest now.“ Sheer horror, but necessary for the scores of amateurs, trying to look down from the highest point on the globe. And why are no many inexperienced people allowed to charge Everest? Because the Nepali goverment needs the cash! And a single permit costs US$ 11 000 nowadays. Plus a fixed rate of US$ 4000 for a life insurance. That’s the basic price. Add US$ 50 000 for the team you need. And your equipment? Roughly US$ 10 000. The estimate is that in 2015 about 500 climber will try to conquer Everest. In a very short season from mid-May until end of June (weather permitting, in most weeks not). If you suddenly get a „window“, that’s how the experienced climbers call a stretch of 3 or 4 days of ideal weather, all those 500 candidates in Camp 2 will start running into the Khumu Glacier, the entrance to the summit. Really sheer horror …

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