ODDITY Lost & Found (No. 62)

Posted by on 22. Oktober 2012


Mohammed, the Jaali ...


... and a typical boomerang

Mohammed is a Jaali. These are people who for centuries adopted the philosophy: The friend of my enemy is my enemy, and the friend of my friend is my friend. Hadn’t I known him for over 30 years, I wouldn‘t know what I am to him – friend or enemy. One day he surprised me: with a „Safarog“. He threw it at a straydog in the outskirts of Omdurman and I learned: The Soudanese also have  have a boomerang! It’s an instrument almost the exact counterpart of the Australian boomerang, and used as a club and  a throwing weapon. The „Safarog“ comes back if you miss the target, but they don’t like to throw it since it is precision tool and somebody might steal it if you hit the target. I couldn’t find a photo of a „Safarog, it’s pretty unknown to the world, but Charles Neufeld mentions it in his memoirs „A Prisoner of the Khaleefa“ (and others too).

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