NORWAY If You Ever Come To Stavanger (No. 26)

Posted by on 4. Juli 2012

The hotel „Victoria in Stavanger ...

Stanger KZ

... and the KZ suit in the museum

This town in Norway has such a beautiful port! A deep fjord, lined on both sides by friendly hills, islands and old houses, divides Stavangar, but not even two generations back the inhabitants had to fight for their lives. The German Nazis (and their Norwegian counterparts) had occupied the proud „Victoria Hotel“ (just look at it!) as the centre of their regime, installed horror in the basement, and a KZ not far away. Today the „Victoria“ won its innocence back, is a luxury hotel 30 paces from the fjord, and in the urban museum, up the hill, there is a more than modest department (a passage between two rooms) with relicts of the German domination. Here you see this suit of a KZ prisoner. Well, they told me that the man who donated it lives in a suburb and collects everything connected with the occupation and liberation. But when I phoned him, he wasnt‘ willing to share his exibits with me, a German. Not yet …

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