NORTH KOREA The Story Of My Postcards …

Posted by on 25. November 2015


Pure propaganda on the pictorial side ...


… and a stamp with the communist flag

OF COURSE I DID MY BEST AND KEPT MY PROMISE! Bought typical aggressive postcards – three hands squeezing a US rocket and a GI – and typical aggressive stamps – the communist national flag (exactly the propaganda articles they like to get from this strange country), wrote something the North Korean censors wouldn’t mind (and not throw my mail into their wastepaper baskets), found a Post Office (which was not easy), mailed my greetings – and waited! A long time! A had returned already to my home in Munich! Generally there shouldn’t be a problem, there are almost daily flights from the capital of Pyongyang to the Chinese capital of Beijing. Why not put a mail sack on board? No, because all mail from the so called „Democratic People’s Republic“ to an „Imperialist Country“ (like USA, England and Germany) have to be checked. By one of the hundreds of censors. The result? My postcard were allowed to pass, but … – the one I wrote to my son in Germany (pictures) took one month, one I had sent to the Spanish island of Majorca took two months, and the postcards I’ve mailed to the USA, haven’t arrived yet (after three months) but they will reach their destination I’m sure. Interesting! These postcards might even be a philatelic treasure. Or items for Propaganda Collectors

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