NOBILITY A Conversation Piece … (No. 36)

Posted by on 22. April 2013

The nobility celebrates their crests ...

How strong is nobility in reality? Well, in monarchies the Blueblooded play still an at least optically dominant role. In true democracies they are relicts of a glorious past. But how many people belong to the nobility in countries with an aristocratic past? The figures are astonishing: In Japan, a country with an emperor and a strong legacy of the Samurai, roughly 5 % (or 6 of 128 millions) are nobility. Unbelievable but statistically by far the strongest group around the world. In Germany with ca. 83 million inhabitants, about 1 % have a „von“ in their names (= 80 000). But in Poland, a country which escaped communism just recently,  10 % of the population of 38,5 millions are from knighted families (= 3,85 millions). Isn’t that amazing? In England, France, Hungary and Spain they are equally strong. But „Landed Gentry“ are very few, and the Puszta nobility is, with the exception of the few real ones, the laughing stock of the noble colleagues elsewhere.

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