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No, That’s Not True, „Sobrino“ …

Posted by on 22. Oktober 2018

The nice old facade of the „Sobrino de Boris“ in Madrid

IT’S WRITTEN AGAIN AND AGAIN! That Madrid’s „Sobrino de Botin“ on Calle Cuchilleros in the La Latina district was founded in 1725, never closed, and is older than any other restaurant around the globe! People believe it, go there for exactly this assumption, the food is excellent, no reason to regret the visit – and once you are seated they will tell you another hair raising story: That the painter Goya, young and poor, washed dishes in the „Sobrino“. Maybe, but there are definitely older restaurants in earth, especially in Japan and Germany, and the Austrian St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg (celebrated in an earlier post of this Blog) was opened in 803 and is therefore almost 1000 years older than the „Sobrino“! Sorry, folks, but go on telling whatever you want …

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