NATURE Oh, What A Shame … (No. 9)

Posted by on 24. Mai 2013

A typical rain forest in Western Amazonia ...

You know why? Because in the rainforest which grows in the western Amazonas region in Brazil, on 100 square meters (to make it easier, let’s say: 100 square yards) you find about 20 000 trees, belonging to 2000 species. It’s the densest growth with the widest variety of any forest in the world. 20 000 trees of 2000 species is three times the figure found in the northern part of America! The majority of the plants found in Amazonia are not even discovered, named and valued. The loggers search for the giants, fell and pull them out, ruthlessly, destroying the ambiente. The grubbers are even worse, burning down everything in search of farmland. My friend Roberto has dozens of candle stumps in his pockets and every time we encountered a forest giant, he kneels down, lits a stump and sys a silent prayer. I soon followed him. You should too. The trees deserve it and also our protection. Remember: First dies the tree, then the animal and then man. It’s an ecological platitude nowadays which unfortunately only the wrong people know. Not the ones with the greed and the criminal energy and the chainsaws and the torches

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