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MYSTERY A Conversation Piece … (No. 31)

Posted by on 31. Mai 2013
Der pfahl

Look at the white line in the blue centre – that's the Dragon's back, in German called „Der Pfahl“ (Stake)

Der Pfahl

Doesn't it really look like a Dragon's back?

When you travel from Munich (Germany) northeastward to Prague (Czech Republic), you cross the Bayerische Wald (Bavarian Forest). It’s a strangly mystic region, with traces of Germanic jungle, almost unpenetrable, and in the centre you will encounter a strange rock formation, called Der Pfahl the Reef. It is a relatively narrow stone wall, 150 km or 95 miles long, 300 million years old and made of quartz. From the air (look at the picture) you see a submerged dragon of whom just the jagged back is visible . Turned to stone, spike after spike, sometimes 20 m or more than 6 feet high, weathered but clearly the typical apparition of a (now dead, huge, petrified and harmless) dragon. There are hundreds of myths and warnings surrounding this quartz formation, and there is a „Kristallmuseum“ (Crystal Museum) in the town of Viechtach, where this narrations are preserved and documented. Why warnings? There is the palace of a fairy underneath the dragon, made of tons of pure crystal. And the natives tried to scare robbers away – because they wanted to harvest the quartz themselves. But to walk along the Reef, if only a short distance, leads you back to the world of St. George and Siegfried, the Fafnirs and the tales of our childhood. There is something in the air, you feel it, but you can’t describe it.

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