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MUSIC The News To Use (No. 9)

Posted by on 8. Februar 2013

Mozarts 23. Sinfonie

The score of Mozart's music ...

Mozarts 23. Sinfonie

... the Russian edition of the symphony ...


... and its biggest fan!

When Soviet dictator Stalin took a rest on one of his sofas (he never ever slept in a bed), especially in his many Datshas, he very often turned on Mozart’s Symphony No. 23 in D major, K. 181/162b, complete on May 19, 1773. It is sometimes called „Overture“, even though the autograph score bears the title „Sinfonia“. The music brought peace to the cruel mind of the mass murderer, filled his loneliness with harmonic sound and nourished the suspicion that the Soviet leader might have had a soft core. I doubt it and many do. But strange: The symphony has the scoring of two oboes (one with a fine solo), two horns, two trumpets and strings. Listening to the symphony one tries to discover the character of Stalin (and all potentates with bloody hands like him), and I can understand why he liked this music. It’s so harmonic, flowing like a spring creek after the snowmelt, one wants to conduct it with lazy hands and closed eyes. The national anthem of a ruthless killer, of bless Mozart!

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