MUSEUMS New Highlight On Funchal

Posted by on 19. März 2014

Ronaldo's portrait ...


… and the entrance to his museum

Ever been to Funchal? Portuguese island in the Atlantic. A strangly divided piece of land far out in the ocean: this side of the mountains and the other side of the mountains, a cliff dividing the land like a dragons back. With different landscape and weather. The capital Funchal is on this side, beautiful town and home of the greatest soccer star (footballer) of our time: Cristiano Ronaldo who was born here on 5th of February 1985, playing now for Real Madrid, the „World Footballer 2013“. Now he has his own museum in Funchal, called „CR 7“ (the 7 being his magic number). Entrance is 4 Euro or ca. US$ 6 and the first thing you see is he himself, lifesize in wax. Then he contributed all his medals and cups, jerseys and shoes (even the golden one as the top scorer of all the leagues on earth), he won since childhood. For an aficionado the museum is a great place, but even for so not so interested tourist a new highlight in Funchal. The adress (not easy, like so often in Portugal): Rua Princesa Dona Maria Amalia, 10.

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