MOUNTAINEERING K2, The Killer Mountain …

Posted by on 28. Dezember 2016


The beautiful, murderous K" ...


… and the Gilkey Memorial

UNBELIEVABLE! For every 4 people who have summited the 8612 m – the second highest mountain on earth, the highest in Pakistan – another one dies! So far, 84 climbers of 27 nationalities have lost their lives. Why? The top three causes of death are 1 Falling (33 %), 2 Avalanches (18 %) and 3 Disappearance (16 %) – whatever this means (= cause unknown, body never found). And by the way: 49 climbers conquered K2 in 2014 (the latest available figure), ten lost their lives. And: K2 is the only Himalayan summit with a Monument of Rememberance, the „Gilkey Memorial“ at about 5000 m. It’s a huge heap of stones, plastered with metal plates and discs, and Tibetan „Kattas“ (blessed white shawls), each plaque-substitute with the name of one of the 84 victims. Art Gilkey was an American climber who was swept away by an avalanche while resting in his sleeping bag in 1953, and who’s body was found in 1993, 40 years later, at the base of the south face of K2.

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