MONEY The Multi Zero Desaster!

Posted by on 26. Juni 2017


Mobutu and his 500 000 ...


… and Mugabe's 100 000 000 000 …


… and the new 500 000 000 Zim-Dollars!

USELESS AND NOT WORTH THE CRISPY PAPER THEY ARE PRINTED ON – and now remember, that both states, Zaire and Zimbabwe, once belonged to the most prosperous countries in Africa and on earth! And then stupid, ruthless and even criminal despots (and their families) ruined the blossoming economy with their greed, became billionaires with foreign bank accounts and, as a rule, always get away with their historically disastrous behavior. Just look at the stoical portrait of dictator Mobutu of Zaire on his 500 000 Zaire banknote. With a value of then – nothing! You couldn’t get it changed into any foreign currency, it was valid in Zaire only – app. 1 US cent. Even worse: The 100 billion dollar note (!) of the senile president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. When I got it, it was worth 0,002 US cent! Mobutu was finally chased out of the Congo, is dead now, his stolen assets still in the dirty hands of his relatives. But Mugabe, 93, is alive and still squeezing his country dry for his personal wealth, nobody even considers to kick him out or send him to jail – and the printing of colorful Zimbabwean Monopoly Money goes on. Just look at the recent 500 000 000 Zim-Dollar note! I collect these banknotes, for me they are the tombstones of Africa’s future gone wrong …

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