MONEY How The Chinese Conquer Africa

Posted by on 16. April 2016


Zimbabwe's new currency – the Chinese Yuan ...


… the worthless ZIM-Dollar, despite the amount ...


… and the senile Robert Mugabe who caused all the trouble

THIS IS A TOPIC, TOO FEW ARE TALKING ABOUT! How the Chinese, with their government’s backing, are taking over country after country in Africa. By financing and exciting much needed projects – roads, bridges, power stations, state buildings, apartment blocks, farmland, markets and so on – without asking for any money. They get shares of those countries instead, they are expropriating whole nations of their last values, creating Chinese infrastructures which dominate the African people in the future: by being the owners of vast stretches of land, buildings, markets, shopping malls, thousands of shops along the busiest streets, banks, agencies and various other important, monopolistic and money making institutions. The Chinese operate above the law, since they bribe the corrupt presidents and all his henchmen as well. Without the Chinese a couple of States, like Zimbabwe, would be even more going to pieces as they do anyway, the terrible Robert Mugabe – and about half a dozen of his equally terrible colleagues – wouldn’t be in office without this backing of Beijing. And you know what’s the weirdest thing I came across the other week? The YUAN, the currency of China, has become the official currency of Zimbabwe! Since the Zim-Dollar isn’t‘ worth the paper it’s printed on (just look at the amount of dollars on the banknote, I’m showing here – despite the enormous amount of zeros worth not more than 0,2 Cents in the USA or Europe). At least the lamentable Zimbabweans got money again, which has a value of any kind. And don’t forget: Some of the Zim-Dollar banknotes have an expiring date printed on it!!! So they are worth nothing but only for three month, then they are worth less than nothing …

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