MONEY Ever Seen A Zero Euro Banknote?

Posted by on 16. Juli 2016

Cyclist near the summit of Mt. Ventoux ...


… and famous buildings in France

I WONDER, WHY THIS IS NOT FORBIDDEN! This nonsense banknote looks so genuine, that you could just add a 1 to the 0 and go shopping with it. The paper is mor or less the same, the graphic design confusingly similar, a silver thread is woven into the paper and it even got the signature of some important European personality. Only if you look closer, you detect pure phantasy: A cyclist climbing the 1912 m / ca. 5800 feet high Mont Vertoux in Southern France, the barest, windiest elevation I ever encountered (having just conquered it by car). From time to time it is the finish of a stage of the legendary cycling event Tour de France – and the competitors hate it (some even died). There on top is a restaurant, and in a corner there is a odd machine. Because if you put a 2 Euro (roughly US$ 1.80) coin into it, you get this 0 Euro banknote! Freshly printed, crispy and confusingly valid looking. A fine souvenir from Mt. Vertoux, the „Zauberberg“ (Mystery Mountain) of Italy’s medieval poet Petrarca. And not a bad business, to pay with a 2 Euro coin for 0 Euro banknote …

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