MONEY 1 The Old Man’s Useless Banknotes …

Posted by on 20. April 2017


A very big lie all over the country ...


… and the new money without value

I TOLD YOU IN MY BLOG, REMEMBER: In some parts of Zimbabwe (in the capital Harare and the mining districts) the Chinese currency Yüan is the accepted money.  Because the Chinese are slowly taking over the devastated country of the senile dictator Robert Mugabe, 94, and the Yüan is an internationally accepted financing tool. The original Zim-$, once strong money, had to be printed with more and more zeros behind any digit, 1 US$ became about 20 000 000 000 ZIM-$, the way His Excellency has ruined Zimbabwe, and a have in my possession a 500 000 000 ZIM-$ banknote (value in the moment, April 2017: 0,01 Cent). And in this situation the hero of the liberation war had a splendid idea: He invented money, called „Bond Note“ and decreed that it got the same value as the US$! All over his country Mugabe posted huge signs (see photo), advertising this blatant lie, and tried to force his subjects to prefer his money to the capitalistic currency. Even using power: Zimbabweans are not allowed to change more than 50 US$ per day. That’s lot for a taxi driver but not for a businessman! The „Bond Notes“ look serious (see photo), printed on good paper, look exactly like the good old ZIM-$ of yesterday – and everybody tries to avoid them!

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