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AGENTS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 7)

Posted by on 30. März 2011
KGB Medal

The black eye nothing escapes ...

Normally when a gentleman encounters you in the streets of Moscow, with this decoration on or under his lapel, you know that you are done. It’s a KGB officer’s identification, a mysterious thing because the black shield seems to be an all seeing eye, made of semiprecious stone, crystal or some plastic material. But I was lucky, the guy asks for a favour only, highly illegal in the Soviet Union but a common thing in the West. A task which could’t be done by his henchman. I managed to perform it for him, via East Berlin, and after a while I got this decoration as a „Thank you“, delivered to Munich by a messanger I never saw. I don’t know what became of the Secret Service man but the black eye is still following me around the room …

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