NAMES Moments You Never Forget … (No. 32)

Posted by on 29. Dezember 2011

The steal this village name ...

Fucking Hell Beer

... and drink this beer!

They can’t stand it anymore in this tiny Austrian village of hardly 400 inhabitants (near the Bavarian border). Three times per year the mayor has to substitute the board with the village name because souvenir hunters steal it. Hundreds of people pose in front of it for a picture. The truly funny thing is that the name FUCKING means nothing in German. It’s pronounced „Foo-king“ and sounds rather Chinese. Only in English it’s awful. Especially clever tourists approach a native and ask him/her: „Do you speak English?“ The stereotype answer its for years: „No!“ Now a local and very ruthless brewer has produced the „Fucking Hell“ beer. It sells like hot cake. To people from outside. The Fuckingers hate the bottles and won’t touch them. You are interested? Fucking is not far from either Salzburg or Munich

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