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ART Moments You Never Forget … (No. 16)

Posted by on 12. Januar 2012
Andy Warhol

Andy & me, discussing people on covers ...

The year? Roughly 30 years ago. Where? In Munich (Germany). Andy Warhol had a Vernissage in the newly opened publishing house of Dr. Hubert Burda for whom he composed an enormous canvas, surely 4 x 3 m (or 4,40 x 3,30 yards), showing magazine covers Burda had published. Warhol had also made a very limited poster edition and I drew him into a discussion why he had chosen some covers and rejected others, and he simply said: „People!“ Some people on the covers he liked (John .F. Kennedy, former empress Soraya), others he didn’t interesting (German politicians, models). We sat down and went on talking, surrounded by envious, greedy spectators and Andy tried on my wolf’s furcoat and I was sad that it was much too large for him. Otherwise I would be the owner of a real Warhol painting in exchange, I think …

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