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FESTIVALS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 15)

Posted by on 26. März 2011
Trobriand Cricket

120 man playing, 120 girls cheering ...

Erudite people might remember the name: The Trobriands are the erotic paradise on earth, as described in 1929 by Bronislaw Malinowski in his book „The Sexual Live of Savages“. True, even today. And now imagine: 120 panther-like and very handsome  bodybuilders, dressed in palmleafs and decorated with flowers and feathers, playing island cricket with wooden clubs like precious sculptures, cut by themselves, and a ball like a coconut. And all around the playing ground are 120 cheering girls, most minimally dressed, all barebreasted and so beautiful you tend to forget the action of the men! They play at the end of the harvest (Maniok) season – and now you like to know, where the Trobriands (formed like an extreme question-mark) are: In the South Sea, between Papua-New Guinea (they are part of it), and the islands of Bougainville, New Britain and Muyua. You fly there from the PNG capital of Port Moresby.

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