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ODDITIES Moments You Never Forget … (No. 14)

Posted by on 6. Oktober 2011
Red Square in Moscow

A wonderful 360 degrees Wikipedia presentation of the convex Red Square in Moscow ...

It’s a miracle: The Tiananmen Square in Beijing is much, much larger. But the Red Square in Moscow looks endlessly bigger. Why is that so? The Red Square measures 70 x 330 m (77 x 360 yards) only, compared to the 500 x 800 m (550 x 880 yards) of Tiananmen. And it is enclosed by Lenin’s mausoleum, the Basilius cathedral, the walls of the Kremlin and the huge shoppingmall GUM. I tell you the reason: Tiananmen is flat like a tray, Red Square is not. It’s convex, like the earth. Like the ocean from a ship’s deck. That makes the Red Square so vast. You seem not to see the other end – the horizon. That gives you the feeling of forlornness, of solitude, of melancholy and tristesse. I love to stand on Red Square, the farthest spot from the Russian capital if you know what I mean …

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