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MODERN WONDERS A „Titanic“ fiddle – wow!

Posted by on 26. November 2013

That's the fiddel in its leather case ...


... he played it ...


... on this ill-fated ship!

It really shouldn’t have happened because it couldn’t have happened! When the „Titanic“ sank in 1912, he orchestra played „Nearer my God to thee …“, then the musicians sprang overboard, including the bandleader and violinist Wallace H. Hartley, who had strapped his fiddle to his body. He was saved, after gruesome hours, from the icecold Atlantic, brought the instrument back to New York – completely destroyed and unplayable from then on. The family kept the violin für 101 years (it is said, that Hartley left a Last Will in which he forbade the sale for 100 years after the desaster), took care of a 100% shockproof provenience and even tried to restore it, but gave up – this would have altered the character of the relict completely and would have cost over a 100 000 US$. The auction house Henry Aldrige & Son offered this very unusual memorabilium (because it was not salvaged from the wreck on the bottom of the Atlantic) for ca. US$ 500 000, including a very nice leather bag, and in mid-october of 2013 the successful bidder got it for US$ 1,5 mio. Which means – Hartley‘s violin is by far the most expensive souvenir from the „Titanic“.

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