PORCELAIN Lost & Found … (No. 53)

Posted by on 4. Januar 2012
Rakowitz & Cook

Michael Rakowitz and his cook ...

Saddam's plate

... and one of Saddam's plates

A good story: An American soldier, stationed in Iraq, steals 19 golden plates from one of president Saddam Hussein’s palaces. An Iraqi citizen flees from the country, gets asylum in the USA, smuggels the tableware to Michigan and he and the ex-soldier sell them at eBay. An artist, Mike Rakowitz, and his friend, the cook Kevin Lasko, both running the restaurant „Park Avenue Autumn“ on the Upper East Side of New York, buy the 19 plates and create a special menu (venison with dates and Tahini sauce) to be served on them. Not very long: A district attorney of Manhattan confiscates Saddam’s property as „stolen“, on the Iraqi ambassador’s insistence, and decreed that they are sent back to Baghdad – property of the People of Iraq. It will be interesting to watch, how long it takes to smuggle them out again and on whose table they end up …

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