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FASHION Lost & Found … (No. 5)

Posted by on 17. Januar 2012
Muzzafarabad Boots

The Kashmir boots to kick ass ...

First of all – where is Muzzafarabad? In the Pakistani part of Kashmir, it’s the capital, 9800 ft. high in the Hindukush mountains. It’s no afternoon walk to get there, in addition it is a war and earthquake region, bitter cold in winter and dry as a camel’s armpit in summer. But a found in the bazaar what’s extinct in the rest of the world: „Pointed shoes“ with their tips showing upwards! This foot fashion was very popular in the gothic period of mankind, roughly 900 years ago, you see those shoes on paintings and in museums. But in Muzzafarabad they are sold as knee high boots in the market stalls. Why did they survive here? A joker told me: „Nothing better to kick ass!“ I believed him. Another said: „In winter we ski in these boots.“ I didn’t believe him. But I bought a pair for 15 US dollars and since then make a long lasting impressions on my fellow passengers in the subway …

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